“Say there was a Keystone State Wrestling Alliance of sorts that consisted of a plethora of regional hardcore punk bands instead of a gaggle of scantily clad lowbrow beefcakes in spandex… Pittsburgh’s own BLOOD PRESSURE would surely be the undisputed heavyweight champions of this fictitious league that I envisioned whilst rocking a slash in that alley across from the Rock Room. Yeah, I was pretty hammered BUT who would object to such a notion though?! Hell, the proof is right here in the pudding buddy roe, which in this case is essentially just a bunch of pureed proteins and starches – AKA precisely the recipe of audibility that these yinzers have mastered and carried out time and time again. Two years away from the studio clearly didn’t turn them into slouches by any stretch of the imagination. “SURROUNDED” supplies an undeserving world with ten tracks of seething and hate filled hardcore punk that is bound to tickle the fancy of any and all “real ones” or whatever. Cover art by the esteemed and ever so handsome Nicky Rat.”


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