After four years and two demos, REALiTY GROUP grace us with their first full length recording. “Music for Fools Vol. 1” is everything you’ve always wanted from these Winnipeg nitwits. 11 Tracks of new wave punk, presented in Pyramid Sound(TM). In these uncertain times you can be certain that these tracks will certainly rock your socks off.

Listen Here: https://realitygroup.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-fools-vol-1

Buy Here: http://electricheatrecords.com/product/reality-group-music-for-fools-vol-1-cs/



We released a 7″ EP For Winnipeg’s WHIP (EH-007) – buy a copy here

Whip manage to encapsulate everything that I really dig about old punk records: A bratty, pissy-pants attitude, juvenile playing and killer songs. In the year 2020 the vision of the past is clear but it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to pay homage to one sound in particular nor are they adopting the tired method of carbon-copying some past heroes into some dull variation of what came before. No, Whip got something more going for them than cheap hype or revisionist punk history. Whip is here with another four songs to remind you that they’re sick of your shit. The new EP is called Don’t Call Me and it’s on the Electric Heat label also out of Winnipeg. If you’re not convinced, give a listen to the second track ‘Bad influence’ and tell me that you don’t get excited on that ride as the snare threatens to toss you overboard with e-ach-stut-ter-ing-hi-t.”
FFO: Bikini Kill and Cold Meat” – (JOSH/NEON WASTE)

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